Can you reheat baked beans?

can you microwave baked beans

Q: Baked beans are a classic and popular dish that typically features white common beans, but can you reheat baked beans? A: The answer is YES, and the key is to follow the appropriate methods to ensure they reach a safe internal temperature of 165°F while maintaining their quality. The Stovetop Method The stovetop is […] Read more »

Can you reheat apple crumble?

can you microwave apple crumble

Q: Apple crumble is a delicious and popular dessert, but can you reheat it? A: The answer is YES, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind to ensure that the crumble retains its flavor and texture. When reheating apple crumble, it is important to use the proper method to ensure that it […] Read more »

Can you reheat carbonara?

Can you reheat carbonara?

Q: I really enjoy fresh carbonara but always end up making too much. Can you reheat carbonara without ruining the texture or taste? A: Carbonara is a delicious dish made with the perfect combination of pork, egg and cheese. Pair this dish with cheesy garlic bread and green beans to create a meal you’ll never […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Crawfish?

Can you reheat crawfish?

Crawfish is a common meal eaten in most parts of the world. Different regions have different names for crawfish, such as crawdads, crayfish, and mudbugs. All these names are interchangeable, and they all mean little creatures that resemble tiny lobsters. Even though they belong to the same family as lobsters, they have a unique taste […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Couscous?

Can you reheat couscous?

Q: I have always thought that it is impossible to reheat couscous. I’ve had numerous people tell me that it is possible. Is that the case? How can you reheat couscous the most effectively? A: Reheating couscous is common, but not all methods work equally well. Cooked couscous can maintain heat for several hours, even […] Read more »

Can you reheat camembert?

sandwich camembert

Q: I’ve always struggled with reheating my cheese dips and dishes. I recently received some leftover camembert cheese and don’t want to ruin it. Can you reheat camembert without ruining the flavor? A: Every connoisseur of cheese deserves to try camembert when it’s been properly heated. Camembert shouldn’t be consumed any colder than room temperature. […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Celery?

microwave celery

Q. I made a large batch of braised celery for dinner, and I now have leftovers. Can you reheat celery, or will it get soggy? A. Yes, you can reheat celery– but never in a microwave! Celery contains nitrates, which can turn into a toxic chemical called a carcinogen if reheated in the microwave. This […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Chinese Food?

Q. I’ve got leftover Chinese food but I’m not sure how to maintain the flavor in the re-heating process. So my question is can you reheat Chinese food and what’s the best way to heat it up without making it boring? A. The trick to reheating Chinese food is to pay attention to the primary […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Chips?

Can you reheat chips

Q. I love chips but I’m not able to finish the whole pack so I wonder how can I make them fresh again and my question is can you reheat chips? A. Chips are a much-loved food dish and snack across the world. Sometimes, after digging into this delicious grub, you may find yourself with […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Beef?


Q. We like to make roast beef on weekends but often end up with leftovers. How can you reheat beef without drying it out? A. You definitely can reheat beef. It is especially important to first rest your beef as soon as it comes out of the oven or off the grill after cooking it. […] Read more »