Can you reheat camembert?

Q: I’ve always struggled with reheating my cheese dips and dishes. I recently received some leftover camembert cheese and don’t want to ruin it. Can you reheat camembert without ruining the flavor?

Can you reheat camembert?

A: Every connoisseur of cheese deserves to try camembert when it’s been properly heated. Camembert shouldn’t be consumed any colder than room temperature. Fresh or baked camembert can be safely reheated and made delicious once again with the proper care and instruction. Once you get the hang of this delicious French cheese, you’ll be sure to use it in more of your dishes. Stick around to learn how to reheat camembert in your kitchen today.

Method #1: Your Microwave

An easy way to reheat this cheese is to use the microwave. Every part of the camembert can be eaten, from the creamy center to the rough rind. For a more thorough reheat, cut the camembert into smaller pieces before heating. Place in a safe bowl and microwave for about 45-second intervals to avoid overheating and potentially burning the cheese.

You want the cheese to be creamy and thick when you pull a fork through it. Overbaking the cheese can cause it to harden or stick to the bowl. Unfortunately, there’s no way to save the cheese if it burns or overbakes. However, as long as the flavor is relatively intact, you can still enjoy the cheese with bread and fruits.

Method #2: The Oven

Reheating camembert in the oven is a simple process as long as you watch the clock. Preheat your oven to 325 and place your cheese wedges into a small pan. This method is perfect if you previously used the camembert as a fondue. Once you remove the cheese from the rind, you take away its structural integrity. This will lead to messier reheats and potentially burned fingertips. The oven minimizes your contact with the cheese, preventing a mess and painful burns.

Place the pan in the oven and check it about every five minutes. You want the cheese to melt together and become thick and spreadable. Take it out before it browns, and you’re left with a delicious cheese dip that can be served to guests or squirreled away as a private treat.

Method #3: Skillet

You may be wondering how can you reheat camembert in a skillet? Using a skillet can be as easy as using a fondue machine. You have the option of heating the cheese directly on the skillet to create a dip or adding it to pasta or cheese sandwiches. Start by letting your cheese sit out until it’s reached room temperature. This will provide a more consistent spread throughout the cheese.

Always melt the camembert at a low temperature to avoid burning. Lightly oil the pan and place the cheese with the rind facing down. Cover for a few minutes before flipping, repeating this process until the cheese has reached a gooey, fudgelike consistency. Season the cheese as you like, and you have a perfectly heated camembert ready to be placed on the charcuterie board.

Method #4: Barbeque

Camembert is a cow’s milk cheese with a rich taste and strong smell. Cheese lovers are often looking for bigger and better ways to eat their cheese, pairing it with fruit preserves, hearty bread and strong wines. An excellent way to add a new layer of delicious flavor to your cheese is with a barbeque pit or grill.

Start by loosely wrapping the cheese in lightly oiled foil. You don’t want to constrict the cheese, but it has to be secure enough to stop any leakage. Place the cheese directly on the coals or in the grill at low heat for a few minutes. This is an excellent method for when you want to impress everyone at the cookout with an amazing new snack that’s easy to prepare.

The cheese only needs a few minutes on the coals. Let it sit away from the heat until you can safely unwrap it. You’re left with an amazing new smoked flavor that works wonderfully with the crackers, salted meats and veggies at the party.

Camembert is a delicious cheese with a versatile flavor profile. You don’t have to let the old cheese dish or wedge sit in your fridge forever because you’re not sure how to properly reheat it. Create an excellent new cheese dip to delight your friends and family members. With enough practice, you can become a whizz at reheating camembert dishes safely and deliciously.

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