Can You Reheat Chinese Food?

Q. I’ve got leftover Chinese food but I’m not sure how to maintain the flavor in the re-heating process. So my question is can you reheat Chinese food and what’s the best way to heat it up without making it boring? A. The trick to reheating Chinese food is to pay attention to the primary […] Read more »

Can You Reheat an Omelette?

reheat omelette

Q. I like to cook a fluffy omelette for breakfast. But can I reheat a leftover omelette for dinner? A. The real trick to reheating any egg product is how you prepare it and how you cool it down. Eggs left out at room temperature for too long may not be safe to reheat and […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Casserole?

Can you reheat casserole?

Q. Can you reheat casserole? I’ve asked a few people and the answers seem to differ. Give me a definitive answer, please! Can I reheat casserole? A. You can absolutely reheat casserole and make it taste incredible. There are multiple methods and several ways, and we can absolutely help you. Let’s start reheating casserole! The […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Lasagna?


Q. I’ve often heard people complain that when they are reheating lasagna, the lasagna becomes either gummy and watery or dry and hard. Can lasagna be reheated, and if so, how? A. Yes, lasagna can be reheated, and deliciously so! Those that have complained of a less than desirable reheated result have either failed to […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Dressing?

I had the most amazing blue cheeseburger at the bar last night, and the burger has a really unique dressing per say? How do I reheat dressing?    The answer is simple, scrape it off! While you can reheat your burger, the toppings, including dressings, should not be heated at all. The reason they are […] Read more »

Can you Reheat French Fries?

I love to go to restaurants and order a huge burger and a side of fries. I always feel like I need to eat the fries while they are fresh because microwaved fries are soggy. Is there a way to reheat them without them being soggy? Yes, there are two easy ways to keep your […] Read more »

Can you Reheat French Toast?

I have always enjoyed making Sunday breakfast for my family, but now that my kids moved out, it is just my wife and me. Since we no longer have a few more mouths to feed, we want to start making Sunday easier by making some portions of French toast ahead of time. Can you reheat […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Jacket Potatoes?

I have always made my jacket potatoes in batches, but I never thought of another way to reheat them other than the oven? I heard the microwave is okay? Can you reheat jacket potatoes? Yes, the microwave is quite effective at reheating spuds, and it takes a fraction of the time it does in the […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Food Twice?

Q: In my family, we all eat at different times, and we all tend to eat the same things. That means most of our food is reheated a few times over the course of a few days. Is it safe to reheat food twice, or even multiple times? A: No. You should not reheat food […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Formula?

Q: I’m having a baby soon, and with all of the books I have been reading, they all say to throw the formula out after use. If my baby had not had the nipple in their mouth, can I still safely reheat the formula for another feeding? I hate to waste it. A: Reheating baby […] Read more »