Can You Reheat Lamb?

Q: I love lamb, everything about its texture and how delicious it tastes, but can you reheat lamb and still enjoy it? A: When it comes to reheating lamb, there’s a simple storing process you can utilize that will lock-in those juicy flavors and make reheating lamb as good as the first time around. Once […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Paella?

Q: I have leftover paella from dinner the other night. Can you reheat paella? What’s the best method of reheating paella? A: If your paella contains seafood, you should only reheat it within a day or so of its initial preparation. Seafood can go bad very quickly. Paella made with chicken and/or chorizo sausage can […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Sausages?

Q: I love sausage but I always wind up cooking more than the stomachs at my gatherings can manage. My family’s recipe is so good that I cannot imagine throwing away the leftovers. Can you reheat sausages without risking illness? Can sausages be reheated in more than one way? Can you reheat cooked sausages regardless […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Pork?

Q: Can you reheat pork and pork products, such as bacon, ham, pork sausage and pork ribs? How do you go about reheating pork to maintain its flavor and texture? A: When you find a large pork roast or ham on sale, you may wonder can you reheat pork after it is fully cooked. The […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Ground Turkey?

I have recently switched to using turkey in place of burger, so I am a little unclear of any differences in the storage of ground turkey. I had made some turkey burgers last night for dinner, and when I went to reheat it today, I got a little leery because I have never done it […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Hot Dogs?

I boil hot dogs, is there any way to reheat them? I know, I know, they are terrible for my health, but when I need a quick fix for lunch, it is better than going and getting fast-food. We all make choices. While the health benefits are debatable, reheating this is nothing to contend with. […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Ham?

My wife made a huge ham for dinner last night, and we wanted to have leftovers for dinner tonight. What is the best way to reheat ham without it drying out? Can you reheat Ham? Ham is one of the special meats that can he reheated in just about any fashion you can think of, […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Rotisserie?

Q: When I pick up a rotisserie chicken from the market, I always think that I am getting a great deal. When they have sales, I always want to pick up more, but I do not know how they would taste after cooling. What is the best way to reheat these chickens? A: Rotisserie chicken […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Turkey In The Oven?

Q: I have always wondered if I could reheat turkey in the oven without drying it out. I am a terrible cook, but I am sure there are a few tips to keep the meat moist even after being cooked. A: Reheating turkey in the oven is quite simple! The meat will only be as […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Duck?

Q: Whenever I go to the supermarket, I always see duck in the freezer aisle. I know how to cook duck, but reheating it has always been a mystery to me. It is a rather greasy meat, so what is the best way? A: Duck is a heavier meat of fowl that is true, but […] Read more »