Can you reheat baked beans?

can you microwave baked beans

Q: Baked beans are a classic and popular dish that typically features white common beans, but can you reheat baked beans? A: The answer is YES, and the key is to follow the appropriate methods to ensure they reach a safe internal temperature of 165°F while maintaining their quality. The Stovetop Method The stovetop is […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Celery?

microwave celery

Q. I made a large batch of braised celery for dinner, and I now have leftovers. Can you reheat celery, or will it get soggy? A. Yes, you can reheat celery– but never in a microwave! Celery contains nitrates, which can turn into a toxic chemical called a carcinogen if reheated in the microwave. This […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Paella?

Q: I have leftover paella from dinner the other night. Can you reheat paella? What’s the best method of reheating paella? A: If your paella contains seafood, you should only reheat it within a day or so of its initial preparation. Seafood can go bad very quickly. Paella made with chicken and/or chorizo sausage can […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Green Beans?

I don’t know what is about my family, but we can never come together for a wholesome meal, so we are always forced to reheat some portion of it. I hate to reheat canned vegetables, is it safe to? Can you reheat green beans? Yes, reheating canned vegetables like green beans, corn, and peas are […] Read more »

Can you Reheat Kale?

I made collard greens and for the first time in a long time, we had leftovers. I have never been presented with an opportunity to reheat kale, how do I do that? Can you reheat Kale? There are a few ways to reheat kale that are perfectly safe. You can use the microwave, the skillet, […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Mashed Potatoes?

Q: As much as I love instant mashed potatoes, I can never make the right amount for my family. Every time I make them, have enough to feed an army. Typically, I have to make them into another dish, but lately I have been wondering, I can I reheat them on their own? A: The […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Chipotle?

Q: Whenever I go to Chipotle, I always get a burrito bowl, but I can never finish it. To be honest, I am tired of eating it cold the day after. How can I reheat my burrito bowl to have it just as good? A: The thing about burrito bowls is that it combines many […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Baked Potato?

Q: I have never thought about reheating a baked potato until a few days ago. How exactly do you go about reheating a baked potato with no toppings? A: The important factor is that the baked potato does not have any toppings when you are reheating it. If it has butter, cheese, or non-dairy toppings, […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Spaghetti Squash?

Q: Now that my summer vegetables are growing, I never thought about having leftover spaghetti squash. What is the best way to reheat it? I know I can eat it cold, but I am sure it is just as delicious warmed up for a second meal. A: Spaghetti squash is a brilliant vegetable to eat […] Read more »

Can You Reheat Mushrooms?

Q: I was looking around on the web, and I noticed that is said I should not reheat mushrooms? Is there only certain kinds, or is it an umbrella warning? A: There is a bit of distinction that is required when it comes to mushrooms. You should not reheat fresh mushrooms, due to the bacteria […] Read more »