Can You Reheat Mushrooms?

Q: I was looking around on the web, and I noticed that is said I should not reheat mushrooms? Is there only certain kinds, or is it an umbrella warning?


A: There is a bit of distinction that is required when it comes to mushrooms. You should not reheat fresh mushrooms, due to the bacteria that are present naturally on their surface. If they are not properly cleaned, and not refrigerated immediately after cooking, they will break down rather quickly. This was a very common cause of illness before the warning was issued.

However, for canned, jarred, and otherwise processed mushrooms, you can reheat them with the use of a skillet.

The Skillet Method

The main reason skillets are recommended because it allows the mushrooms to heat more evenly and release a bit of their water in the cooking process. Microwaves will make mushrooms rubbery.

To reheat your mushrooms, simply add a teaspoon sized blop of butter to a pan and allow it to melt. From there, saute yours mushrooms until warmed through, about three minutes.

There are thousands of recipes that require mushrooms, so be sure that you know how to reheat them to keep them as tasty as ever!

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