Can You Reheat Dressing?

I had the most amazing blue cheeseburger at the bar last night, and the burger has a really unique dressing per say? How do I reheat dressing? 


The answer is simple, scrape it off! While you can reheat your burger, the toppings, including dressings, should not be heated at all. The reason they are warm on your food is because the buns and food around it bring the temperature up.

  • Cream-Based– Cream based dressings should never be reheated. You would not heat mayo, you know that it spoils and the oil splits leaving a gruesome scene behind. Same with cream dressings, either they have milk, sour cream, mayo, or Miracle Whip to make them the perfect consistency.
  • Oil Based– Depending on what you are reheating, like Italian Chicken, dressed with Italian dressing, you would be okay to reheat it. Be careful when you are reheating dressings that are oil based. They should not be heated alone, and they should not be left unattended as they could easily overcook or burn your food.

So, the bottom line is, some dressings are okay to reheat, others are not. If it is creamy, you should not reheat it. If it is oil based, use caution. Happy munching!

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