Can You Reheat Food Twice?

Q: In my family, we all eat at different times, and we all tend to eat the same things. That means most of our food is reheated a few times over the course of a few days. Is it safe to reheat food twice, or even multiple times?


A: No. You should not reheat food more than once, and when you do reheat it the one time, you need to ensure that it is heated and steaming all the way through. Bacteria starts to grow in, or on, cooked food the moment it starts to cool. At a certain point, is where it can start to make you sick. Sadly, many people will reheat leftover foods as many times as they want until it is gone. However, they run the risk of getting very ill, possibly from food poisoning.

Even if you are careful not to contaminate your leftovers, it will happen because of the airborne bacteria. When it comes to reheating, we often use the same utensil to serve as we eat off. We can also be tempted to eat off the utensil and put it back in the container. No matter what you do, it is not a good idea to reheat food more than once.

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