Can You Reheat Roasted Veggies?

Q: We just had a great barbeque, and we have some roasted vegetables left over. What is the best way to reheat them?

roasted veggies

A: Ah, the taste of summer! Grilled and roasted vegetables are delectable additions to any meal and can be reheated as easily as microwaving them, warming them in a skillet, or even in the oven.

Microwaving Method

By far the fastest way to reheat roasted veggies is in the microwave. Simply put them in a bowl, or on a plate and place them in the microwave. Pop it in for about 30 seconds, flip the veggies over, and microwave for an additional 30 seconds.

Skillet Method

One of the tastiest ways to wake up the flavor in your precooked veggies in the skillet. Simply drizzle the pan with a little olive oil and add the vegetables. Simmer them over medium heat until warmed all the way through. It should about ten minutes, depending on the vegetable and the thickness.

Oven Method

Baking your roasted veggies is a quick way to lock in the smokiness that they hold. When you clean up dinner, wrap them in aluminum foil, keep the juices if you can. Then when you are ready, pop the packet into the oven at 300 degrees for 20-25 minutes and wallah, roasted veggies that were just as good, if not better than the night before!

Grill Method

Following the same method as the oven method, simply place your aluminum foil packet right onto your grill. Do not put it on direct heat. Heating times will vary depending on your grill, so be sure to keep an eye on them!

Reheating your vegetables is a great way to morph them into a new meal, or add a savory aspect to a meal already planned. Not to mention, with all these different ways to heat them up, you can always tempt picky children to try them.

What method do you prefer? Do you have another way to reheat your roasted vegetables?

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