Can You Reheat Yoghurt?

Q: Yogurt is my favorite thing and has been as a child, but recently I have not been able to eat anything remotely cold. Is there a way to heat yogurt so I can enjoy it once more?


A: Sadly, no, there is no way to reheat yogurt. There are several reasons as to why you should not heat it. However, you can eat it at room temperature.

Why You Should Not Reheat Yogurt

Reheating any dairy product tends to make it spoil. This means your yogurt will curdle and separate! If your aim is to make ricotta cheese, then you are on a great start. Otherwise, it can make you sick.

The other reason to avoid heating yogurt is because most commercial brands have probiotics and active cultures added into the mix. If they go over 110 degrees (which is pretty easy to achieve in a few seconds), they will die and no longer give you the benefits of good bacteria. Your digestive track needs these cultures so you should avoid heating yogurt.

While we get gyros with a yogurt sauce, it is a different mix entirely and requires other ingredients! Therefore, your Yoplait yogurt should remain refrigerated until ready to eat. If you cannot eat it chilled, you can let it get room temperature, just be sure to keep the rest chilled until use.

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