Can You Reheat Souffle?

Q: I am really trying to impress my mother-in-law when they come over next weekend. The problem is that I work a double on Friday and just won’t have the energy to do anything when they get here. Can I make a soufflé ahead of time and just reheat it when they come over?


A: Soufflés should not be reheated due to deflating and becoming dense. 

What Makes A Soufflé a Soufflé?

The signature mark of a great soufflé is a towering cake. Most chefs fear these dishes as a soufflé waits for no one! Typically, you need to pop it into the oven right away and serve while still hot. If left to cool, it will deflate quickly, and become rock hard if given time. While this is no way to impress a guest, it is an important lesson to learn as you will be able to nitpick your recipe for next time.

Did your soufflé deflate? Not a problem, they are supposed to. Steam allows the cake to rise, so when removed from heat, it will naturally fall. With that worry out of the way, you can find easy recipes online that are a snap to put together.

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