Can You Reheat Scrambled Eggs?

Q: My family loves scrambled eggs, but getting up in the morning is hard! What is the best way to reheat scrambled eggs, if I were to make them the night before?


A: Scrambled eggs are great breakfast proteins, and a fantastic quick meal. There are two ways you can reheat your scrambled eggs, and the microwave is not one of them!

The Stovetop

The quickest way to reheat your scrambled eggs in on the stovetop, in a small skillet. Simply melt a tablespoon (or enough to coat the pan) of butter in your skillet. Add your eggs and cover. Cook over medium low heat for about 5 minutes. Stir often to prevent sticking and overcooking.

The Oven

For many egg dishes, the oven is the go to appliance. Why? Because it provides constant even heat.

To reheat your scrambled eggs, make an aluminum foil pouch, and add your eggs to it. Close tightly and place into a 300 degree Fahrenheit oven. Check your eggs often, as they should be fully warmed through within 20 minutes.

Reheating scrambled eggs is an easy way to get healthy proteins and amino acids into your daily meals. With these two simple ways to reheat scrambled eggs, there is no reason to ever skip breakfast again!

*You should never microwave eggs because they may become very dry or rubbery. Spare your leftovers and go with the stovetop or oven methods to have consistently tasty meals.

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  1. Zygoat says:

    Might as well just cook them fresh if you’re going to take that advice. 20 mins to reheat eggs? Lmao

    • spirals says:

      Eggsactly. You can cook them fresh on the stove top in the 5 minutes it’d take to reheat them. Or you can bake freshly cracked eggs in 20 minutes while you get ready for the day without having to cook them the night before. Reheated eggs in any context have undesirable texture.

      • Brighton says:

        Just about anything can be revitalized and reheated if it is done properly with the right tools…..anyone who says not to do something, cant be done etc is either too lazy, lacks any skill, or unimaginative…sometimes all of the above lol. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told something can’t or shouldn’t be done and only find out that was wrong. There are a lot of people who say NO to something because of personal tastes of how the food may come out too which they sometimes forget to mention that part but just continue to explain how its just not a viable option.
        That being said….you guys balk at taking that extra time to reheat eggs missing the point really of why someone wants to and why you should try to if possible. Food waste is something we Americans esp, have a problem with when so many go without. No need to throw away food if you can save it. Sometimes the quantity doesn’t make it worth it but even then you could find SOME way to use it or feed it to your animals if its proper instead of THROWING it out. Take the time so you don’t have to waste food that we all take for granted.

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