Can You Reheat Risotto?

Q: After many years of schooling, I have yet to make risotto. I plan on making it this weekend, however, the recipe I have is for a fairly large serving. For just me, it would have a few nights worth of leftovers. Is there any way to reheat this leftover risotto?


A: While there are a few ways to reheat risotto, the results are not what you are hoping for. The original meal is rich and creamy, yet even with the best attempts at reheating, it will be mushy and dry. Therefore, you should eat as much of the risotto as you can the night you make it, or try to scale back the recipe.

As a general warning, you should never eat the reheated leftovers of a meal that has made you sick, or has been left at room temperature for more than an hour. Spores called Bacillus cereus exist on rice grains and are able to survive after your food is cooked, which may cause food poisoning! There is more risk with risotto as it must be cooked low and slow until completion. The creamy aspect of the rice is another contributing factor as it is a medium for bacteria to feed on.

Bottom line, eat your risotto on day one, and then throw the rest out! There is no reason to get sick from a delicious dinner from the night before!

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  1. Lindsay Manzella says:

    I completely disagree. I love reheating risotto and eating it the second day. In the microwave is fine if you are taking it to work for lunch, but the best way is reheated in a frying pan with a little bit of olive oil. It gets a little crisp on the edges. Another alternative is to use the leftover rice to make fritters or arancini. DO NOT THROW AWAY LEFTOVER RISOTTO!

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