Can you Reheat Poached Eggs?

Q: I love poached eggs, but I hate to leave them for meals where I have time to babysit them. Is there a way to prepare and reheat poached eggs?

Poached Eggs

Poached Eggs

A: Like many of us, we love our poached eggs in the morning, or for a Sunday morning brunch. We too have been faced with the issue of reheating these delicious treats. Many shy away from preparing their poached eggs and warming them for the fear they will be overdone, or become rubbery. If you follow these easy steps, you can heat your favorite egg like a champ any time of the day (and make them portable too!)

Make Your Eggs asĀ Usual

When you are first preparing your egg, you are going to want to make sure your water is slightly salted, this will make sure if you are making multiple eggs, that way they do not stick! Also, strain your egg(s), by getting some of the watery fluid off of the yolk and egg white, you will have a much cleaner egg and makes reheating less of a mess. Besides that, make your eggs the way you normally would, the cooking process is no different.

Some individuals add vinegar and that is alright, but it tends to leave a slight tang to the eggs which becomes more noticeable after reheating.


Before you can reheat your eggs, you need to chill them first.

Once your egg has been cooked to your satisfaction, simply lift it out of the hot water and place it in a bowl of ice water. This quick chill helps to ensure your egg will not cook anymore on the inside.

When the egg becomes cool to the touch, about five minutes, you can transfer it to a Tupperware container filled with cool water. Simply place it in the refrigerator or take it on the go!

Can you reheat poached eggs?

To reheat your poached egg, simply have a bowl of hot tap water ready, and add your egg. Wait about two minutes, and it will be warmed all the way through with no difference in texture.

Reheating your poached eggs is incredibly easy! Instead of having to make breakfast every day, go ahead and make up a batch for the week, they store for up to five days. Now there is no reason to have to miss out on this delicious meal.

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