Can you reheat Lobster?

I love lobster, is there any way to reheat it? I plan on buying a few tails from the market and treating myself to a lobster dinner. Can you reheat lobster?


Can you reheat lobster?

Well, lucky for you there is a really simple way to reheat your leftover lobster, and that is boiling it. While many will suggest the microwave, you can try it, and we will tell you how, but it tends to result in rubbery lobster and a microwave that smells of fish for weeks.


Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If you are in a pinch, you can microwave a lobster tail. Simply wrap in a moist paper towel, place on a microwave-safe plate, and microwave on MEDIUM heat for one minute, 30 seconds.

You will have to use a finger touch to ensure it is warmed to your liking. It should be steaming. If you have a thermometer, the internal temperature needs to be between 140, to 144 degrees F and maintain that for 15 seconds.


By far, the easiest, and safest way to reheat your leftover lobster is to put it all back into boiling water.

First, shell the lobster while it is cold and add the pieces into a pot of boiling water. Set the meat to the side until the water has boiled with the shell for about 20 minutes.

In a saucepan, add the lobster meat and pour the broth you created over the top. If you would like, you can add a few tablespoons of butter for extra flavor, This will ensure there is no loss in flavor or texture, and the lobster is reheated properly.

Once the meat reads 140-144 degrees, use a slotted spoon to fish it out of the broth and serve.

The lobster was once regarded as a king’s meal. Now, it is super affordable, and it tastes better than ever. While you shouldn’t take lobster to work with you, you can always make it at home and enjoy all the messy, buttery goodness.

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