Can You Reheat Lentils?

Q: My family jut switched to a healthier diet, and we fell in love with lentils. Is there a way to reheat them without them drying out and shriveling up?

A: There are a few ways you can reheat lentils, yet by far the best method is to use warm water. You can also use your microwave with caution, or even eat them cold as a salad!

Reheat Lentils

Reheat Lentils

The Warm Water Method

Lentils are very versatile, and, therefore, can be frozen with ease. If you have frozen your lentils, add them in their packaging to warm water. This will thaw them over the course of a few minutes. Once thawed, you can put them in a bowl of clean, warm water, and stir.

If they were not frozen, simply skip the first step and float the packaging in warm water (if you do not want to dilute your spices) and stir until warmed.

The Microwave Method

The microwave is a precarious thing. While yes, it can reheat your leftovers for a delectable meal, it can also ruin your hard work!

With lentils, you will want to add three tablespoons of water per half cup of lentils, this will prevent them from drying out. After adding the water, pop them into the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until warmed to your liking.

When taking on a healthy lifestyle, you should never have to compromise taste and time!  Some of your favorite meals, and sides like lentils, are easily reheated and given new life. Instead of throwing those leftovers out, use them as a quick snack, or a great side for another meal!

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