Can You Reheat Brie?

Q: When I have many people coming over, I do love to set out cheese and appetisers. Now I just recently bought some more luxury cheeses, and I know that I can always let them come to room temp without a problem, but what about brie?


A: Brie is a very soft cheese and can be used in many dishes, or just eat it by itself. When it comes to “reheating” it, assuming you left it out for a few hours, then refrigerated it, then allowed it to come back to room temperature, you have nothing to fear.

You should never allow cheese to sit out in high heat or for extended periods of time as bacteria can start to grow. To reduce the risk of bacteria, simply slide an ice pack or chilled plate under the cheese platter. This will ensure all your goodies remain at an ideal temperature.

Never microwave a cheese based dish, or to warm up brie! Not only will it lose flavor but it will ruin the wonderfully crafted texture of the cheese. If you have used brie in a baked dish, a golden rule is to wrap the dish tightly with aluminum foil and bake at 300-350 degrees until warmed through which will vary upon the dish.

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